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project is on

2009-03-26 05:11:55 by LegendSirk

ok everyone, this is it, i've started to make the flash project i promised. also got a kickass story to make movies for. an agreement between the author and me. the author of these stories (tales of darunia) can be found here as well as his work:


2009-02-15 03:48:03 by LegendSirk

ok, i scrap all current projects. i'm gonna get a drawing tablet and start a HUGE project.
it will take some years, but i'll try.

old movie

2008-11-22 16:50:32 by LegendSirk

i looked over my old movie and my old posts and thought: why do i not start working on my project? i can't just let it be. so i'm going to try some remaking and trying to make it finished within some time.

cya, Kristian

i need to make a battle scene with me and a friend of mine. we're each others equals at all points. both high intelectual and same way of thinking. we also got major differences. he have few emotions at all due to a syndrom and i got too much feelings. we both have some kind of affection. i'm the always smiling guy and he's the dark, sphycotic guy that laughs like the joker(seriously, it's creepy)

the new upcomming movie fatures me and my friends and is Kalled Home Heroes.(it's the current name)
anyway, this is it for now. if ya want to contact me:

Smb prank series

2008-08-16 14:34:11 by LegendSirk

anyone ekspecting the movie to come soon must wait, i'm really sorry, but my computer is still to repair.
i hope my fans (if any) will not get mad at me.
the progress is nothing to zero, since i have'nt gotten my resources.

again, i'm truly sorry:(

SMB prank series

2008-07-31 04:46:57 by LegendSirk

it's on, my first flash sprite project. i have submitted the intro and hope ya enjoy it, but the finished thing will be much later. i have to get new sprites since my other computer is at repair and may never work again.
at least hope you enjoy it :)

Just Joined

2007-11-02 23:11:30 by LegendSirk

i've been on NG for a while and i where thinking of finally making an account. i'm not quite good at making movies and such, but i'm training to make 3D movies and games. since this takes a lot more time than flash to learn and make, i think i would use about 5 years. i know it's a long time, but after that time i might be able to make games similar to need for speed and runescape. this is it for this time, hope i see ya guys again. later